Brain Power Boosting Purple Drank

I show you how to make this delicious Brain Power Boosting Purple Drink (or Drank as I call it) in order to improve your memory on cognitive performance abilities. 

I love how this healthy smoothie drink tastes. If you want to start off your day great or want to feel energized and mentally alert then this quick drink mix is the way to go!

I used a Vitamix to blend these Berries and Fruits up. You can use that or any other strong blender that can liquify your fruits and veggies pretty well.

I started off with a base liquid of Almond Milk.

I then popped in some fruits:
-Acai Berry Juice

I also threw in some Flax Seed Oil for Omega 3’s.

This drink helps improve your brain cells connections so that they can “talk” to one another more efficiently by supplying a healthy Antioxidant dose of Vitamin A, C, B’s and Omega 3’s