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Take a look at this video where I teach you how to create your first memory palace from your House. This will help you to store information along a sequential path in your mind palace for easier memorization and recall. This is one of the key components of being able to memorize anything quickly and easily.




So as you saw in the video above, I wanted to start off the Memory Training Series, for those of you that want to better your memory and even train for the USA and World Memory Championships as a Mental Athlete, by showing you how to go about creating your first 20 House Locations.

Memory Palace Locations are essential to Memory Training. You need them in order to place information on them so that you can later retrieve the info very quickly and with ease.

The reason why I chose to show you house locations first, is because they are the easiest types of Locations to create. You already know and can easily visualize your house and all of the rooms within your house. You can also see the furniture in those rooms all by just imagining that you are right there in those rooms.

So here is what you need to do in order to create your first 20 Locations.

The First step of course is to Relax and Focus on Visualizing yourself in your house.

In your mind, Go into your first room. As you look around at all of the different furniture and objects, I want you to select 5 pieces of furniture and number them from 1-5.

Once you are done with that, I want you to Walk into the second room and do the same thing. This time however, chose 5 Locations and number them from 6-10

Do this for the Third room as well, Number those 5 Locations from 11-15.

When you are done with that, choose 5 more Locations and number them from 16-20

So that’s it.. Now what you need to do is repeat it until you are able to recall all 20 Locations by number.

What’s file number 5? What about number 8?

Alright, keep practicing and I’ll see you on the Next Memory Training Video!