Dr. David Perlmutter on The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

In this Memory Experts Interview, we talk with The Empowering Neurologist and the Author of the #1 NY Times Best Selling book, Grain Brain and his new book The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, Dr. David Perlmutter!

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Memory Experts Interview Takeaways


– Dr. David Perlmutter graduated from the University of Miami School of Medicine
-The different approach from traditional schooling
30 Years practicing Neurology
– He wanted to look at what was causing the brain to degenerate instead of just cleaning up the pieces after it had happened.
– Our lifestyle choices lead to issues with our brain
-Heart smart diet.
– Dementia or Alzheimer’s: 5.4 Million Americans.
-They haven’t found anything to prevent or treat it.
– Anti Alzheimer’s Higher Brain Function Diet
-Dramatically gets rid of sugars, and simple carbs.
– Higher in fiber to nurture the gut bacteria to help reduce inflammation
– Welcomes Fat into your diet
– Higher elevation of blood sugar leads to brain degeneration. Sugar is a brain toxin.
– Journal of the Alzheimer’s Disease – Mayo Clinic Study: Carbs 88% increase in becoming demented. Fat: Risk reduced be over 40%.
– How exactly does Inflammation affect the structure of the brain?
-Leads to the death of brain cells.
-Increases production of free radicals.
-Harm the energy producing part of the cells called the Mitochondria.
– -Apoptosis – initiated by the mitochondria. Tells the cell to commit suicide.
-Loss of volume in the brain
– Lose cells in the brain’s memory centers
– We can grow cells through Neurogenesis
-Exercise – University of Pittsburg
-Amplify the growth of brain cells in multiple areas including the hippocampus
-50% reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s published by UCLA
Epigenetic event – exercise
-BDNF . Growth hormone for the brain cells
-Aerobic Exercise
-Cutting back on Calories
-Add DHA, Omega 3 Rich Foods
-Whole Food Coffee Extract

Risk for Dementia is lowered for those with higher levels of BDNF

Dr. Permutter’s Exercise and Routine

Doesn’t eat until the afternoon
Keep hydrated
The day begins with a reading, inspirational messages.
Amplifies a sense of gratitude
Runs or gets aerobics every day
Does weightlifting, yoga, and he meditates for 15 minutes every day
Vitamin D, Turmeric, Magnesium, Fish Oil, B Complex, Coenzyme Q 10, Low Sugar and Carb Diet, Heavy Vegetables, meat if grass fed, Eggs, Fish and Fiber Supplements (pre-biotic fiber),
Lifestyle to help reduce inflammation

Thoughts on Berries and Fruits
-Definitely, add that to the diet just don’t overdo it. Focus more on vegetables.
45 year old’s memory vs 25 year old’s memory.
-“It’s declining”