Easy Way to Learn How to Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

I want to show you an easy way to learn how to memorize the periodic table of elements, starting with the first 10 elements. This is going to help you learn your chemistry material much more quickly.

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Memory Palace to Memorize Elements

In order to learn how to memorize the periodic table elements, you have to first create a memory palace. This will help you to store the elements in a sequential order. 

Start off by getting a sheet of paper and drawing four or five square sections on a sheet of paper. Label each section with a corresponding room in your home. For example, my first room is the living room, so I title that first box, LR. Do this for the rest of the boxes. 

Then you want to select 5 items in each room. I choose the Window, Table, Sofa, Mirror, and TV in my Living Room. 

You then repeat this process for the other rooms. 

Now you’re ready to move on to step 2 and that’s to visualize the mnemonic associations for each of the first 10 elements.

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Easy Way to Learn How to Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

Here are the mnemonic images for the first 10 elements

1. Hydrogen mnemonic: Fire Hydrant

2. Helium mnemonic: Helium Balloons

3. Lithium mnemonic: Lithium Batteries

4. Beryllium mnemonic: Berry Lamb

5. Boron mnemonic: Boar Running

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6. Carbon mnemonic: Cardboard

7. Nitrogen mnemonic: Nos Tank

8. Oxygen mnemonic: Oxygen Mask

9. Fluorine mnemonic: Flour Pouring

10. Neon mnemonic: Neon Sign

Now just go ahead and link them to the corresponding locations in your memory palace. 

On your first location, see a fire hydrant breaking through that location and water spewing all over the place. on your second location, you can see helium balloons lifting the location and dropping it once they start popping. 

Add as much action and include as many senses as you can to strengthen the mnemonic story with each location and element association.

Once you have done that, make sure to review all 10 elements forwards, backwards, and by number.

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To get all 118 elements, just create more locations and repeat the same process as described above. If you run out of rooms in your home, take a mental jog to your favorite grocery store, to your favorite restaurant, amusement park, movie, etc. You can create locations out of any place that you have been to or that you can picture in your mind. 

Have fun with the process of memorization and creative story telling. This will help you ace your chemistry exam and even challenge your chemistry teacher to a Periodic Table of Elements recitation. You’ll Win Hands Down! 😀