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How do you say Spoon in Spanish Memorize Mnemonic-min

Want to learn how to say Spoon in Spanish and how to memorize it quickly with a mnemonic?

Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel, teaches you how to do just that in today’s Memorize Spanish Episode so that you won’t ask “How do you say Spoon in Spanish?” ever again.

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How Do You Say Spoon in Spanish?

Spoon in Spanish is

La Cuchara

Pronunciation for Cuchara en Español

“Koo Cha Ra”

Memory Mnemonic for Cuchara

Couch + Arrow


Visualize a Spoon carving out a Couch and there is an Arrow in the couch.

Use Spoon in a Sentence

In Spanish: ¿Me puedes pasar la cuchara por favor?

In English: Can you pass me the spoon, please?


In Spanish: Señor, ¿tiene una cuchara?

In English: Sir, do you have a spoon?


In Spanish: Señor, Voy a limpiar la cuchara

In English: I’m going to clean the spoon


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