How to Find My Car | Memory Tip


I wanted to make this video to show you how easy it is to be able to Instantly Find out where you Parked Your Car, so that you don’t need that Find My Car App anymore!

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The Fundamental Memory Elements are to Focus and Visualize!

How to Find My Car | Lost Car | Memorize

First Focus on where you actually parked your Car.

Second, Visualize yourself Going back to your car. You must do this by adding strong glue. What is glue your asking? well it’s Action and emotion. You must add some crazy action to you seeing yourself walking back to your car. Maybe you’re doing a cart wheel all the way down the right side of the parking lot where you parked your car.

Make sure to make it vivid.

Then what you do, is when you want to return back to the location where you left your car, just bring up the image of you doing the cart wheel back to your car.

That’s it!

Hope you liked it..

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  • GodVlogger (on YouTube)

    Louis, Cool video, as always. My parking deck at work looks the same on every level, but there are many levels, so I mostly need to remember what level/floor I parked on.

    A few months ago you inspired me to memorize an image for each number 00-100. I park in the same deck at work every weekday, but which floor depends on the first spot available. If I park on level 2, then I visualize “honey” (for “2”) and if it happens to be Monday then I visualize honey oozing all over the moon (for Moonday), or if it is level 5 on a Thursday then I will visualize hail (for 5) pelting on the god Thor (for Thorsday). That way when I leave work many hours later, I think of what day today is and I will “see” the moon, or Thor, etc., and that will prompt me to remember what floor number (2, 3, 4, 5, etc.) was ‘interacting’ with that weekday.

    Your videos are awesome.

    • Luis Angel Echeverria

      That is Awesome!! I’m glad to hear that you are putting these techniques into action!