How to Memorize a Speech and Poem with Ease

Today you will learn How to Memorize a Speech and poem very quickly.

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AE Mind Memory System and Techniques to Teach you How to Memorize a Speech:

Step 1: Locations – Create a mental map of locations to store the visual cues that will help you recall the speech or poem that you memorized.

Step 2: Visualize – Take the Speech and break it apart into sections to create visual triggers and see them doing something along the mental map that you created.

Step 3: Review – Go over the Visual stories that you created to help you remember the order of the points of your speech.

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Here are the visuals that I thought of to help me memorize the following poem

Today we are throwing our caps in the air

Throw graduation caps in the air

Getting ready to go different ways

A lane splitting different ways

To tackle the world head on my friends

A football player tackling the world

And to start on the very first phase

Runners running in the first lane

Of adult life with all it implies

Adult climbing a tower with pliers

Do this technique of creating stories for the information that you want to memorize and it will help you with your fear of public speaking because you will have more confidence that you will remember your speech without needing to look over notes. The notes are already in your mind because of the visual representations that we created.