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This is the Next part of turning Numbers into Pictures. We will turn the numbers 00-09 into different pictures here. After watching the video, scroll down to test yourself with the image flash cards that I created for you. Have Fun 🙂

Memorize Numbers Part 12 If you are not sure what I’m talking about when I say consonant sounds, make sure to click here to watch the first few parts of How To Memorize Numbers. If you have already seen the previous memory training videos on memorizing numbers then continue on with learning how to create pictures for the the numbers 00-09.

The first step is to take the Consonant Sounds of the representative number and then throw in a few vowels. Here is a Quick Recap of Consonant Sounds:

Memorize Numbers

Download the Body Files to Consonant Sounds PDF File Here

Now here are the Pictures for the Numbers from 00-09:

Memorize Numbers 00-09

Download the Pictures to Numbers 00-09 PDF File Here


I have created these Flash Cards below with some fun game options so that you can learn these Pictures for each single digit Number much more quickly.


I’ll see you on the Next Video! For more details on how you can Improve Your Memory, make sure to check out Memory in a Month. You will also get access to Ron White’s Speed Reading Program.

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