How to Memorize Numbers • 0-9 Single Digits

You are going to learn how to memorize numbers and how to remember numbers with ease using the major system. Today we convert the numbers 0-9 into memorable mnemonic associations.

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Major System

The first thing that you have to do in order to be able to convert the numbers 0-9 into mnemonic associations so that you can quickly memorize any number, is to learn the major system.

My memory coach taught me early on that the easiest way to memorize and learn the major system is to associate it with your body. You want to create a peg from the top of your head to the soles of your feet and the ground. 

Each number is associated with a particular consonant sound, which you then link to your body.

Watch this video to learn the major system and scroll down to see the visuals on how to apply it to memorizing numbers.

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How to Memorize Numbers Series

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The images for every single digit number are:

  • 0 = House
  • 1 = Hat
  • 2 = Honey
  • 3 = Ham
  • 4 = Hour glass
  • 5 = Hail
  • 6 = Hash
  • 7 = Hook
  • 8 = Hoof
  • 9 = Hoop (hula)

We got that from the Major System where we gave every number a specific consonant sound first.

Here are the consonant sounds for each number:

  • 0 = S, Z, C (Soft)
  • 1 = T, D, Th
  • 2 = N
  • 3 = M
  • 4 = R
  • 5 = L
  • 6 = J, Sh, Ch (soft), G (soft)
  • 7 = Ck, K, G (Hard), C (Hard)
  • 8 = F, V
  • 9 = B, P

You create an image by taking the consonant sounds of the number and throwing in a few vowels. With single digits, you need to know one extra principle before creating the images for them. Because there is only one consonant sound in single digits, we need to add one thing to the front of each number. I want you to imagine that there is a space right before the single digit number. This space represents the following consonant sound: “H” like “Ha”

Once you have associated every picture for each number, then go ahead and use your House Locations Memory Map to memorize the following sequence of numbers:


See the image for each individual number doing something on it’s corresponding location in your first room of your memory map. Add a lot of action to it. For example, 8 is a Hoof (horse shoe). See yourself throwing several horse shoes on your first location. 

To recall the number, just look back at each location and see the interaction that occurred between the image of the number and the location. Then just translate that image back into its number.

You now know how to memorize numbers, digits 0-9, with ease using the major system. 

We are going to use this Memory Technique to turn Every Number from 0-99 into a Picture in this memorize numbers series.

I’ll see you on the Next Video: Numbers 10-19!