How to Memorize Numbers • 50-59 Double Digits

How to Memorize Numbers 50-59

Learn how to memorize numbers with ease by turning the next set of numbers, 50-59, into mnemonic picture associations. 

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I will show you in this video how to take the Consonant Sounds that we have already created using the Major System and use them to create pictures for numbers 50-59 so that we can memorize those numbers with ease along the Memory Palace of our House Locations that we created. After watching the video, scroll down to test yourself with the image flash cards that I created for you. Have Fun 🙂

How to Memorize Numbers Series



The mnemonic images for double-digit numbers, 50-59, are:

  • 50 = Lace (shoelace)
  • 51 = Lid
  • 52 = Lion
  • 53 = Lime
  • 54 = Lyre
  • 55 = Lily Flower
  • 56 = Leash
  • 57 = Lock
  • 58 = Leash
  • 59 = Lip

We got that from the Major System where we gave every number a specific consonant sound first.

Here are the consonant sounds for each number:

  • 0 = S, Z, C (Soft)
  • 1 = T, D, Th
  • 2 = N
  • 3 = M
  • 4 = R
  • 5 = L
  • 6 = J, Sh, Ch (soft), G (soft)
  • 7 = Ck, K, G (Hard), C (Hard)
  • 8 = F, V
  • 9 = B, P

You create an image by taking the consonant sounds of the number and throwing in a few vowels. 

Once you have associated every picture for each number, then go ahead and use your House Locations Memory Map to memorize the following sequence of numbers:


See the image for each individual number doing something on its corresponding location in your first room of your memory palace map and add a lot of action to it. For example, 53 is a Lime. Imagine that a Lime squirts all of its juice on that location and then you lick it afterwards.

To recall the number, just look back at each location and see the interaction that occurred between the image of the number and the location. Then just translate that image back into its number.

We are going to use this Memory Technique to turn Every Number from 0-99 into a Picture in this memorize numbers series.

I’ll see you on the Next Video: Numbers 60-69!