How to Memorize Vocabulary Words | Student Memory Training

This is Luis Angel with AE Mind.

Hope you are doing Phenomenal!

Let me get right into this!


Here are the 5 Vocab Words and their definitions:

1. Benevolent – Well meaning and kindly
2. Tawdry – Cheap and of Poor Quality
3. Languid – Without energy or spirit; lazy, slow, sluggish
4. Gregarious – Fond of company of others; sociable
5. Pulchritude – Immense Beauty
The images that we created for the words are:
1. Benevolent = Bone Envelope
2. Tawdry = Towel Dry
3. Languid = Lane Squid
4. Gregarious = Gray Car Rice
5. Pulchritude = Poker Cards Toad

Now we take those images and combine them with the definition to create a story:

1. Benevolent = Dog got an Envelope in the mail with a Bone for being very kind to its owner
2. Tawdry = Towel couldn’t Dry my face because it was made of Cheap material
3. Languid = On top of the Lane there is a giant Lazy Squid laying on it
4. Gregarious = All of the Rice buddies are Hanging Out together in the Gray Car.
5. Pulchritude = While playing Poker, the Toad got a Royal Flush and turned into a Beautiful Queen.

There you go!

Now make sure to review these stories to help them get engrained into your long term memory and you will notice how easy it will be to recall the definitions to these words come test time!