How To Plant an Orange Tree


In this video I show you how to Plant an Orange Tree as part of the organic citrus fruit tree series of the AE Mind Health channel. Enjoy :)

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Luis Angel here ready to teach you how to plant an orange tree.

The first thing that you need to do is collect the materials that you will need such as: 

1. Orange Tree 2. Organic Soil
Orange Tree Orange Tree Soil
3. Citrus Nutrients 4. Shovel
Citrus Tone Nutrients and Food Schovel


Once you have all of the required materials, go ahead and follow these steps in order to Learn How To Plant an Orange Tree:

1. Dig a Hole about 2 Feet Wide and 3 Feet Deep
2. Pull the Orange Tree out of the pot
3. Massage the Roots at the base of the orange tree
4. Place the Tree in the hole
5. Mix your Original Soil with the Organic Soil
5. Feed the roots of the orange tree with the Citrus Nutrients
6. Pour the Mixed the soil back into the hole, half ways
7. Pour some water onto the soil
8. Top off the hole with the rest of the organic mixed soil

How To Plant an Orange Tree

Make sure to let me know how your orange tree planting turned out in the comment section below. Have Fun and Enjoy your nutritious and delicious oranges!

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