How to Retain Information from a Teacher | Focus, Pay Attention, Memory | Students in School Class

In this video, you will learn how you can retain more knowledge and information from watching a speaker or teacher who is up on stage or in a class room teaching you some valuable information. 

How to Retain Information

The key to learn how to retain information and focus when you’re in the classroom is to stay relaxed and let your mind visualize or picture what the professor or speaker is teaching you.

We watched the Tony Robbins video where he talks about finding your reason why you want to achieve something and links it to your drive in life. In this example, you want to see yourself in a car as and driving towards your goals. 

If you are a high school or college student, try it out next time that you are in a classroom and you will start seeing your ability to focus on the subject matter go up. When your professor is talking, you want to create a memory palace in your mind. This is similar to creating an animated motion picture and you are seeing all of the information play out in front of you in very vivid detail.

You will also notice that you begin to improve your natural memory as you exercise the creative part of your brain, which is your right hemisphere.