HS Medical Abbreviation in Medical Terms [Pharmacology Prescription]

Learn how to memorize the HS Medical Abbreviation in Medical Terms meaning and definition in today’s Medical Terminology Course episode for Pre-Med and Nursing Students wanting to learn their pharmacology material.

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The key idea with being able to memorize pharmacology prescription med terms and medical abbreviations is the create mnemonic stories for those words.

Just take both the mnemonic picture for the word and the mnemonic picture for the definition and visualize an interaction between the two in a creative story.

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HS Medical Abbreviation in Medical Terms Mnemonics

HS means: hora somni “take at bedtime”

HS Medical Abbreviation Mnemonic = Hissing Snake
HS Medical Term Meaning Mnemonic: Hora Somni = Hour Glass + Sombrero

HS Medical Abbreviation Story: I would picture a Hissing Snake (HS) wrapping around an Hour Glass (hora) while wearing a Sombrero (somni).

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You would normally see HS in pharmaceutical medication prescriptions. This is provided as an abbreviation to signal to the patient that the medication should be taken at bedtime.

HS in Medical Terms Mnemonic Story for “take at bedtime”: Hissing Snake takes its pills next to its bed.

That’s It! You now know how to memorize the HS Medical Abbreviation for Hora Somni. Make sure to review it on your notes and you will be sure to pass your exam with ease.

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