Jackery 1000 Price Explorer and Review [Portable Battery Power Station]

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I did a Jackery 1000 Price and Explorer Review for the Portable Power Station is a fantastic solar power generator for those looking for that backup battery system to power their everyday electronics like a laptop, cell phone, and more.

The 1000 watt pure sine wave inverter in the Jackery 1000 Portable Power Station is perfect for plugging in your AC powered electronics. 

Jackery 1000 Price and Purchase Explorer

The Jackery Explorer 1000’s Price is currently $999 and the Solar Panels’ Price is $299.99 each.

Buy the Jackery 1000 Solar Generator Backup Battery here*

Jackery Explorer 1000 with 2x 100-watt Solar Panels*

To charge it, you can plug in an Anderson Connector or a regular Jackery input adapter. 

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The max input voltage is 30 Volts for the MPPT solar charge controller, this means that you can plug in 1-2 solar panels to charge it.

You can also plug it straight into your home’s power outlet or your car’s DC adapter. 

Surge up to 2000 watts. That means if you plug in say a hairdryer and it surges up to 1500 watts but then comes down to 500 watts, it will still work and power your hairdryer. 

It’s a lithium-ion battery power station. Protection of over-voltage and short circuit. 

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The only real noise that it makes is when you turn on the AC plugs and the fan kicks in. Otherwise, it is pretty quiet. 

The Jackery 1000 comes with 2 Year warranty.

How long have they been around?

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Jackery Explorer 1000 Top Reviews

DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

Will says that the Jackery 1000 has a max 176 Watts input for a simulated solar panel charge.

One of the things that he noticed while charging it, was that the max amp’s input was 7 amps while performing his tests. 

Will saw that the solar power input was charging it slightly faster than the AC adapter that the Jackery 1000 comes with. 

He plugged in a heat gun and pulled 1000 watts with ease, but one of the issues that he noticed was that the display on the Jackery was off by about 30 seconds. So there was some lag there. 

He tested the inverter efficiency and said that it tested at 80% after being able to pull around 800-watt hours for the 1000-watt hour rated Jackery Explorer.

His final assessment was that he wasn’t a fan of this model because there are some other models that can charge faster and are cheaper than the Jackery Explorer 1000. He recommends the Echoflow Delta because you can fully charge it in about 2 hours compared to 5-7 hours for the Jackery 1000.

Luke from The Outdoor Gear Review

I love Luke’s reviews. He gives straight-up no-nonsense honest reviews for all of the products that he talks about. 

Luke says that he hasn’t had any issues with the power station and he uses it to power up his portable fridge. He charges the Jackery 1000 with the DC port on his truck. This gives continuous power to his fridge for many days.

As for electronics, he said that you can power a tv for many hours, charge your cell phone for hours, he uses it to recharge his camera batteries.  

One of the 100-watt Jackery Solar Panels will charge the power bank station in about 16 hours and 2 solar panels will charge it in about 8 hours.

If you charge it straight from your car’s DC outlet, it will charge in around 16 hours. 

They all say that they love that it isn’t too heavy.

He doesn’t see too many cons besides the price of the Jackery 1000 which is just under $1000.

He also loves the Jackery Solar panels which cost $300, because they fold up nicely and are very sturdy. They also plug straight into the Jackery Power Station without the need for any other adapters.

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Revere Overland

He likes that the Jackery 1000 can use the DC car charging to recharge the lithium-ion battery station in 12-13 hours.

He likes that it has pass-through charging, meaning you can have your electronic devices plugged in while also charging the Jackery 1000

He tried different fans and AC units as well as heated blankets to see if it would power those devices and it did.

I liked when he plugged in the power tools and the Jackery still worked flawlessly.

He plugged in a toaster, microwave, and an electric grill and the Jackery powered them up nicely.

The most important part was the fridge which didn’t need as much power to run as he initially thought. This would be a great source of backup battery bank for when the power goes out. 


He did a full teardown of the Jackery 1000 Explorer where he opened the case and we were able to see all of the lithium batteries inside of it.

Leave Her Wild

She does a simple review of the Jackery Explorer with her daily Van Life use. She puts the two Jackery 100 watt solar panels on the roof of the van to charge her Jackery 1000.

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Hobotech’s Professor Hobo

He does a great job of explaining the life cycle of the batteries. 

That even though it has 500 life cycles, that after that it will still charge but would have lost about 20% of it’s total capacity.


This one is by far my favorite review of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station! He gave a lot of great examples of the different appliances that it powers up.

If you would like to purchase the Jackery 1000, I will share the links below:

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Buy the Jackery 1000 Solar Generator Backup Battery here*

Jackery Explorer 1000 with 2x 100-watt Solar Panels*

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Portable Solar Panel for Explorer 1000*

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