Japanese Numbers | Counting 1-10

Learn How to Memorize and Count Japanese Numbers 1-10.

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As I prepare for the Tokyo Japan Memory Championship, I wanted to memorize some words and learn how to count in Japanese using the memory techniques.

The basics of the AE Mind Memory System when it comes to memorizing words or in this case, counting from 1-10 in Japanese, is to create an image for the number, an image for the translated version of the word in the language that we desire, and then joining the two together to create a story out of them.

I brought my intelligent niece, Alise, to help use memorize and create vivid stories with the numbers in Japanese.

So to start learning how to count in Japanese, you first need to create the base images for the numbers 1-10. If you already have your own images for these numbers or you have gone through the AE Mind How to Memorize Numbers series (https://www.aemind.com/numbers), then feel free to use those pictures.

If you haven’t created them yet, here are my images for these numbers:
1 = Pencil
2 = Swan
3 = Tree
4 = Floor
5 = Hand
6 = Sticks
7 = Hook
8 = Infinity Loop
9 = Q
10 = Tent

The images for the Japanese Numbers are:
1 = ichi = itchy
2 = ni = knee
3 = san = sun
4 = yon (shi) = yawn
5 = go = go (green light)
6 = roku = rocket (w/ goku)
7 = nana (shichi) = grandma
8 = hachi = hatching (egg)
9 = kyu = Q
10 = ju = chew

There you go. Now create a story with each corresponding image and you have now learned how to count from one through ten in Japanese!

An example would be: Tree (3) is burning because of the Sun (san).