Leap Into Uncertainty with Kyle Cease!

I was at Kyle Cease’s Escape from Mediocrity event this past weekend and WOW was it one of the most powerful events that I have ever attended! I learned a lot about so many things especially about being okay with taking that leap into uncertainty.


Leap_into_uncertainty_with_Kyle_Cease     Kyle likes to talk about how people are afraid to make certain choices that can change the course of their life, because they can measure what they’ll lose, but they can’t measure what they’ll gain.

Example.. Quitting a job we dislike to start a new business.. With the job, we can measure with certainty that steady stream of income but we are uncertain of the money that we could potentially make if we start a new business..

Remember to take into consideration all of the positive things that could potentially come out of that decision..

I could be happier.. I could provide employment opportunities for others.. I could make an unlimited stream of income without being capped by an employer .. I could make a difference in someone else’s life through my products and services..

Make sure that you sign up for Kyle’s Next event as soon as it is available right here: http://www.kylecease.com
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