Learn to Get Amazing Grades in School with Gaby

This Learning Pros interview features a 4.12 GPA Student Graduate, Gaby Kortkamp, as she talks about her success in school and in life 

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In this Learning Pros Interview Gaby and I talk about:

-Her experience at the GYLS Anthony Robbins Event
-Having limiting beliefs about self confidence
-How she got a 4.12 GPA in High School
-3 Tips for success in School

  1. Focus
  2. Ask for Help
  3. Rely on your strengths

-How breaking a board helped her with her success in school
-The Firewalk experience at Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins
-Her hobbies: Traveling, Cycling, and Music
-How do her parents help shape her views on life
-Moving to California for to start her University academic chapter of life
-Her academic goals as a business major
-Secret to Success