Memorize Vocabulary Words #2

Learn how to remember vocabulary and memorize English SAT mnemonic words: Abasement, Guffaw, Perusal, Redolent, and Tumult’s Meaning in today’s Memorize Vocab Series

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Here are the English words and definitions that we memorized:
Tumult = Disorder; loud confused noise by a mass of people
Perusal = The action of reading or examining something
Redolent = Fragrant or sweet-smelling
Guffaw = A loud laugh
Abasement = humiliation or degradation
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Here are the mnemonic stories that I created for each vocabulary word:

Tumult = A Tooth Mowing his neighbor’s lawn which causes the neighbor to get upset and yell at the tooth.

Perusal = Parrot poured Salt on the book he was reading.

Redolent = I used a Red Deodorant to cover up the smell coming from my armpits.

Guffaw = The clown threw Golf balls up in the air and they landed on top of his head which made him laugh out loud.
Abasement = The guy was shoved into the Basement and was completely humiliated.
That’s It! You now know how to memorize the words Abasement, Guffaw, Perusal, Redolent, and Tumult’s Meaning! Just review a little bit and you will have these words fully memorized come SAT, High School, or College exam test day.
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