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Here is an interview that I did with the Current USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis (, and Top Mental Athlete, Brad Zupp (, at the 2012 World Memory Championship in London, England.

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World Memory Championship Nelson Dellis, Brad Zupp, Luis Angel Memory CoachNelson and Brad talked about how they do their Memory Training to prepare themselves for these Memory Competitions and Championships.

Here is what Nelson Dellis had to say about those individuals that are new to Memory Training: 

“Just try it! Most people think it’s really, when you see somebody do these memory feats it seems pretty daunting, you probably couldn’t do it, but you can. You have to start simple, which will still be impressive to yourself, but with practice you will get better. Just Try it, is the First Step!”

Top Mental Athlete and Memory Coach, Brad Zupp says:

“I think the most important thing is to realize that it’s actually fun. A lot of people think, ‘Oh I’m going to memorize’ and they think of school and how boring that was. This is actually really fun because you’re using creativity. It’s not just sitting and ‘Oh I have to Study’ like we did in school. It’s a different way of doing it. As you just start trying, you realize, ‘This is actually FUN’

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