How to Memorize Numbers

Keys to Memoring Numbers

Three steps to learn how to memorize numbers with ease

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Create Mental Locations to store the visual representation of the number in a sequential order.



Turn the Number into a picture association and visualize it doing something on the mental location.



If you want to remember the number for a longer period of time, then make sure to review it.

The Major System

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In order to get started right, you need to understand the major system when it comes to learning how to memorize numbers quickly.

This method is an ancient system where you associate a specific consonant sound to each number. When you watch the video above, you will learn exactly how to do this. I will give you a quick run down on how this works. 

Here are the Consonant sounds for each number:
0 = S, Z, C (Soft)
1 = T, D, Th
2 = N
3 = M
4 = R
5 = L
6 = J, Sh, Ch (soft), G (soft)
7 = Ck, K, G (Hard), C (Hard)
8 = F, V
9 = B, P

You can use the body locations as discussed in the video to learn these sounds much more quickly.  0 = Sand. 1 = Top (For Top of Head). 2 = Nose. 3 = Mouth. 4 = Ribs. 5 = Liver. 6 = Joint (For Hip Joint). 7 = Cap (Knee Cap). 8 = Fibula (For Shin Bone). 9 = Ball (For Ball of Foot)

We then take those sounds and link them to the numbers. For example: 52 is Lion. 5 is the L sound and 2 is the N sound. We then add a few vowels to create an image association and boom… we have a Lion for the number 52

Once you have associated those sounds to each corresponding, let’s move on to the memory palace portion of this phase. 

Create Memory Palace Locations

Creating Memory Palace Locations is what’s going to help you store the numbers in the correct order so that you can recall it easily later on.

As you will learn in the posts below, the easy way to create these memory palaces in your mind is to start with your home. I dive deeper into this process in the House Locations video, but essentially you want to choose 5 distinct items in each of your 4-5 major rooms in your home. Such as a window, sofa, table, mirror, and TV in your living room.

Then once you do that, you can take the number associations that we are going to learn and store them along those items.

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House Locations

Doctor’s Office

Turn Numbers 00-99 into Pictures

I have converted all images from 00-99 into pictures for you to easily memorize them on the locations of your choosing. Remember to get the Better Memory Now book in the AE Mind Library to get access to all of my images in print version.

This process of turning numbers into image associations is derived from the Major System as stated above. So if you want to turn the number 39 into an mnemonic, you would take the M sound for the number 3 and the P sound for the number 9. You would then add a vowel and you get a Mop! The image for the number 39 is Mop.

Now go ahead and go through each number between 00-99 in the posts below.

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Practice Memorizing Numbers

Download these practice sheets to help you with the memorization and recall aspect of your numbers memory training.

1000 Digits Recall Sheet


1000 Digits Sheet 1


1000 Digits Sheet 2


1000 Digits Sheet 3