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Hey what’s going on.. This is Luis Angel. I am your Memory and Mind Coach.

In today’s video, I wanted to introduce to you a new segment called, Mentor Motivation in which I choose different Personal Development people to talk about and Today I chose Jim Rohn.

Jim Rohn is one of the Greatest Motivational Speakers of all time.

His Program Challenge to Succeed holds many keys to unlocking a person’s true potential in life.

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Jim-Rohn-Challenge-To-Succeed-5-Major-Pieces-to-the-Life-PuzzleJim Rohn’s 5 Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle are:
1.) Philosophy – What you Believe in.
2.) Attitude How you act.
3.) Action – What you Do.
4.) Results – How well you do the things that you do.
5.) Lifestyle – How you enjoy your life.

If you master the art of adopting those 5 Pieces as the Successful People define them, then you will also lead a successful life.

Jim Rohn also gave me an idea. He said to construct my own 5 Major Pieces of Advice that I would give to a young person.

I took it a step higher.

I asked myself, “What are the 5 thing that you would tell yourself of 10 years ago to do, and if you did them your life would be a lot better today?”

Here is the List that I came up with:
1.) Personal Development – Feed My Brain Positive Information
2.) Positive Associations – Hang around people that are doing better than me
3.) Be Social – Talk to more people to build your network and social skills.
4.) Save 20% of $Money$ – Put away $ for those just in case moments.
5.) Have Fun – Enjoy Life and create a Great Lifestyle

Now that I shared with you my top 5 Tips for a Successful Life, I want to hear from you. What are the Top 5 Things that you would tell the You of 5-10 Years Ago?

Let me know in the comment Section Below.

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