My Coronavirus Antibody Test Results

I decided to go take the CoronaVirus Antibody at the Arcpoit Labs in Santa Fe Springs, CA in Los Angeles County. It was a pretty easy to take test. I scheduled my appointment in the morning, and took the test at 1pm that afternoon.

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Here are today’s show notes and the resources for you to learn more about Coronavirus and COVID 19


I had been traveling a lot earlier this year and I had gotten really sick a few months ago. I thought that I had caught COVID 19 even though I didn’t go take the actual test, because I did have all of the symptoms. Back in December, I was coughing a lot, had a high fever, and was experiencing shortness of breath. Then after my Kilimanjaro summit hike, I got really sick again while I was in Spain.

So to ease my mind a bit, I decided to go take the Corona Virus Antibody test and my results came back negative!

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Here is the disclaimer that they have when you schedule the appointment

The COVID-19 IgG and IgM Rapid antibody screen is used for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. This simple blood screen will be performed on completely asymptomatic individuals. It determines if the patient has ever encountered the COVID-19 virus and if your body has possibly developed a functional immunity to the virus. Results are shared with LA Co. Dept. of Health and CDC for their statistical information. Response to the screen will help guide your social distancing and work patterns.

Pre-Test Consent Form COVID-19 Screen
By completing this form and scheduling my screening, I understand that this screen looks for antibodies to COVID-19, NOT the virus itself. Testing for viral DNA, via PCR analysis, is performed only in specifically designated places and on patients who meet a strict pre-test criteria. I am electing to have this antibody screen to assess whether or not I have been exposed to the novel coronavirus in the past. I additionally understand that this screen will not be performed until any and all symptoms have resolved. If I choose to have this screen fewer than 14 days after the resolution of symptoms, the results may be less reliable.

I also understand that the results of this test may be given to the LA County Department of Health or CDC for their statistical and demographic value. I have been given a copy of the Behavioral Guidelines sheet for my and or my employer’s reference, which bears FDA-mandated disclaimers and other information.

Once I am given my results for this screen, I understand that they are only a preliminary measure of IgG/IgM antibodies (qualitative measure) and that the values of antibodies (quantitative measures) may vary. This screen does not guarantee immunity to COVID-19 or any other virus.

Arcpoint Labs is doing this test all over the US. Find the nearest one to you here: or just search Coronavirus Antibody test near me to find another lab close to you.