My Passion Wakes Me!

What’s Good!!
Hope you are having a Phenomenal Day! Check this out, in today’s video I wanted to share with you my Passion! You see, I just received my “No Alarm Clock Needed, My Passion Wakes Me” Shirt by Eric Thomas, and I’m super pumped. Not just because I got a cool new shirt, but because of what this shirt represents to me.

I am truly passionate about helping young people to gain the skills necessary to learn things much more quickly and to stay focused not only in school but in every single area of their life!

That is why I’m out there doing workshops and school talks to help students that want to got to the next level with their studies and in life. This fuels me and motivates me every single day!

With that being said, I want you to take some time today to define your Passion and your Purpose. What is something that is going to get you out of bed every single day? What is something that is going to push you through the tough times? Find out and once you do, take the first step to make that dream a reality!

Stay Up!

Stay Empowered!

Keep Learning!

Luis Angel Echeverria

Your Memory Coach

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