Nelson Dellis 4x USA Memory Champ – Science

I talked with my good friend, Team USA teammate, and 4x USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis, about everything from Alzheimer’s and Memory Improvement to Artificial Intelligence and the Universe, in today’s AE Mind Interview.

Be sure to take the Free Extreme Memory Challenge to help with the research project that Nelson is partnering up with DART Neuroscience with to help find a way to boost brain performance:


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References Discussed
How to Memorize a Poem
TED Talk with Nick Bostrom on AI
We are already cyborgs, Elon Musk

– He recently got married
– What climbing Mount Everest and other mountains does for his mindset and how that helps him in every area of life including becoming a memory champion
– Nelson’s grandma passed away from Alzheimer’s and that pushed him to learn how to improve his own memory
– He specializes in how to keep your brain sharp and fit throughout your lifetime
– We have a powerful “computer” already in our heads, use it!
– He learned how to master the art of memorizing information quickly
– The two biggest memory techniques tips is to think in pictures when memorizing and to create visual associations and stories to help you remember the information that you want to memorize quickly
– Extreme Memory Challenge by DART Neuroscience is a research project that helps to identify outliers with those that have naturally good long-term memory:
– Elon Musk talks about how we need to become cyborgs in order to keep up with Artificial Intelligence.
– Nelson referred the TED Talk with Nick Bostrom when we discussed this idea of AI and Cyborgs
– We talked about Ex-Machina and the Turing Test
– Would Nelson become an Android or Cyborg by placing a chip in his brain?
– Nelson teaches programming and computer science in University
– He graduated with a Physics Major
– We talked about “the edge” of the Universe
– Are we expanding into emptiness?
– Are there multiple universes out there?
– We talked about the Mandela Effect and the idea of time travelers affecting our time line. Bernstein Bears vs. Bernstain Bears and Sinbad in a Shazam movie
– We talked about multiple timelines and how the choices that we make affect our destiny or destination