Nelson Dellis Audio Interview on The Jeff Rubin Show

Nelson Dellis is the current 3 time USA Memory Champion and he gave a lot of great information in this interview with Jeff Rubin from The Jeff Rubin Show.

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Nelson Dellis> Nelson has memorized a deck of cards in 40.65 seconds

> Memorized 339 Digits in 5 minutes

> Memorized 193 names in 15 minutes

In this interview, Nelson talked about his strategies with all of the different events at the USA Memory Championship. He uses a 3 digit PAO system with memorizing numbers. He memorizes one person per the first 3 digits, 2 digits for the action, and 2 digits for the object. In one mental location, he attaches 7 digits using the PAO system.

His strategy with names and faces, he converts the names into pictures and attaches it to a facial feature.

With cards, he also uses a PAO system where he attaches 3 cards per location.

In the poem event, he breaks apart each line into two sections and attaches it to a specific location.

Look him up on as he raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s disease.


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