Psychologist Julia Bison on Getting into the Right Mindset for Success

Today I interviewed Julia Bison, a Psychologist who graduated from the University of New Hampshire. We talk about a variety of things related to the mind and her journey to studying in 4 different countries and now helping out individuals all over the world to discover their own self-worth. 

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Julia Bison is a Psychologist who graduated from the University of New Hampshire

I met Julia Bison at a Tony Robbins event called Global Youth Leadership Summit or GYLS.

Studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming

She changed her major several times in college.
Julia went from Business to Acting to Psychology.

She has psychology coaching clients all over the world.

Julia grew up in Brazil. She took English classes at the age of 4 but she couldn’t pick it up that well. When Julia went to Canada to study abroad, she learned English and Spanish.

She talks about Full Emergent Learning where she had only friends that spoke English and Spanish where she was forced to learn those languages quickly.

You have to have a strong reason why you must do XYZ.

Julia wanted to travel and live abroad in order to grow and learn more.
She put a full PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to let her go to Canada.

Julia moved to Australia because she was starting to go into a state of depression and she linked her environment in Canada as a contributing factor.

She got accepted into the Biomedical Sciences division at Griffith University in the Gold Coast in Australia.

While in Australia, Julia began taking acting classes. She feels that taking these acting classes allowed her to grow emotionally more than anything else.

She thinks that going to community college with others that were struggling in life was an amazing opportunity to go through.

Julia felt that even while taking classes in university, she was mainly just learning the theory behind the mind. It wasn’t until she started attending events such as Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within, where she began putting that theory into practice.

She talks about going into a mental gym.
“What’s my Purpose for the Day?”

It’s okay to want to strive to be better.

You can use negative based motivation to help move you forward as long as you feel comfortable with it and the person that is receiving it is also comfortable with it.

A lot of people have negative and destructive self-talk.
She talks about helping her clients with self-emotional mastery.

One of the things that Julia does to help strengthen her emotional home, is to put sticky notes everywhere with positive messages.

After a month, she changes the messages, colors, and position of the sticky notes in order to not get used to seeing the same ones and get desensitized.

What are action steps to take right now to help someone achieve greatness?

Choose an area of life that isn’t optimal. Write down all of the things in that area that you are struggling with. Then write down the action items that you must take in order to move that area of struggle into a one of strength. You must also write down your reason why you must change that part of your life now!