Started From The Bottom Motivation!


Have you ever Started from the Bottom and now you’re at the Top?

Started from the bottom drake

What’s GOOD!?!?

Luis Angel here to bring you another Motivational video to help you achieve Greatness in your life!

I took the main verse from Drake’s song, Started From the Bottom, and showed you how you could apply it to help you reach your goals

Remember to think of times in the past where you have been at the bottom, maybe in a brand new learning situation, and how you are now up on top or on your way to the top.

Take that as a metaphor or example that it’s possible, and apply the same mindset and work ethic that you had then to this any goal that you want to accomplish!


Watch and Listen to the Started From The Bottom from Drake right here:

Stay Up!

Stay Motivated!

Stay Empowered!


-Luis Angel Echeverria

Your Mind and Memory coach

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