The Magic Shop Audiobook and eBook PDF by HG Wells

The Magic Shop is a fun short story by HG Wells about a father and son’s adventure into an odd magic shop in their town.

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The Magic Shop Audiobook

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I really enjoy this story by HG Wells, “The Magic Shop.” It really spoke to the love that a father has for his children and how they will, at the end of the day, they will do anything to please their children. Even taking them to a shop like this, a magic shop with a lot of interesting gadgets and gizmos and these mirrors that made your body look and feel a certain way. It was an interesting dynamic that both the father and Gip, the son, had and for them to both be amazed at what the shop owner was doing. This magician doing these amazing tricks, pulling things out of the hat, pulling things out of the father’s garments, these round balls, and these soldiers that afterward began to march whenever Gip would say a certain word. I’m assuming that Gip got that word from the shopman when he made Gip disappear.

And honestly, I feel that overall this made their father and son connection much tighter and stronger. Many times it’s not until we lose something valuable and then find it again, that we end up cherishing it even more because we don’t know how good something is until it is lost. I believe that when the father, he saw the magician and the shopman, as he’s doing all these genuine, magical tricks, and then all of a sudden his son is gone right before his eyes, you know, to him and his heart, he felt like his world was crushed. There was a sense of panic possibly arising within the father. But when he finally sees Gip and they embrace each other and the Gip holds his finger once again to remind the father of what they have there, that strong bond, it sets him at ease. You can even see towards the end of this little story how they began to be even closer with each other where the father was creeping in and looking into him, playing with the soldiers to see if they were going to come to life. I guess at that point it was for two reasons. One, yes, he wanted to be closer to Gip, but at the same time, he wanted to possibly make sure that he wasn’t crazy himself. One moment they were inside this shop, seeing all these magical items come to life. The next moment the shop is gone. This is the reason why he keeps going back and he says, okay, yes, at the end of the day I want to pay my debts. If I owe anything to this man for these items that my son received, I want to pay him for that. But Oh well he at least has my address, so if anything, he’ll just send me a bill in the mail.

But honestly, that would freak any of us out if we go somewhere and all of a sudden the next day the shop is gone.

I remember going to this sushi place and I would swear by it to all my friends and all my family members because they had this revolving little boat that came around in this water bed and there was sushi on top of it. It was a very unique experience and I absolutely loved it. It was like $20 all you can eat, and then when. My friends, finally, came over to visit. I took them to this place and then this place was closed. It was shut down. They thought that I made up this whole story about this amazing sushi spot, even though it was there like a week ago, but now it was completely gone and shut down. I am pretty sure they just went out of business for whatever reason. Pretty sure it was because they were giving away all this sushi at a very cheap price. But every now and then, I still drive by that place to see if they’re open because I knew I wasn’t crazy. I know I ate there. This was just a fun little story by HG Wells and I absolutely loved it.