Doctor Reef Karim, Transformational Neuroscientist, on How to Design Your New Normal

Today I interviewed Transformational Neuroscientist, Doctor Reef Karim. We discussed his strategies on how to get out of the mental slump during these lockdowns and tap into your full creative mind. 

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Who is Doctor Reef Karim?

Dr. Reef Karim, a transformational neuroscientist, medical physician, and creative artist, believes we are in an epidemic of conformity, where visibility is emphasized over credibility, where the chaos and noise of digital stress have diminished our creativity and originality, where self-sabotage has risen.

And our business, our relationships, and our world have suffered as a result.

Dr. Reef guides companies, and the people in them, to overcome conscious and unconscious blocks and build a more effective and powerful leadership style of originality, creative vision, authenticity, and vulnerability. He is an advisor, thought leader, and content creator – providing the wisdom of how to lead a better life.

Episode Resources
New Normal Manual
The Crisis Manual


  • What drives you to the gym? What gets you up in the morning?
    Challenging times all over the world. Recommendations for people right now to help them to strengthen their mind during the pandemic lockdowns.
  • On Dr. Karim’s background. His parents wanting him to be a doctor.
    Double boarded in psychiatry and addiction medicine.
  • His creativity was an outlet because his family wanted to something else.
  • Creativity Calls You!
  • Suppression. Repression. Depression
  • His mom told him that he wasn’t funny when he was young.
    His creativity became a way of integration and connection.
  • Creativity is a tool to become more flexible in your mind.
    Creatively problem solve. Generate Aha moments.
  • I talk about my decision to move from California to Puerto Rico and why I’m more creative than ever because of it.
  • Design Your New Normal
  • Crisis Thinking.
    If we’re surrounded by crisis, we think in a crisis mindset.
    Crisis thinking is devoid of creativity.
    More impulsive and fear-based decision making
  • You can design a new normal on the inside.
    Are you a gatekeeper of your mind?
    Are you letting negative fill your mind?
    You can become unconsciously “addicted
  • How to strengthen the gatekeeper of our minds to allow positivity in and keep negativity out.
    Allow passion in.
  • Nature is a great way to shake up the system within you.
    Do things that light you up and that you’re passionate about.
    Find Passion Moments when you feel stuck.
  • Seek novelty. Seek something new. Break the routine.
    Take up new skills.
  • Pleasure circuit pathway. When something is rewarding, enters our brain.
    If something new that we pick up lights up the reward circuit or pleasure pathway, then you expand the possibility of your mind.
  • You’re going to do better in school when you’re interested in school.
    Whenever he had personal family issues, his grades suffered. He wasn’t passionate about school.
  • Is social media hurting our mind?
    Can social media be beneficial during these times of social or physical distancing?