VTOMAN Jump 1000 vs Jackery 1000 Battery Power Station

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Which is better between the VTOMAN Jump 1000 vs Jackery 1000 Battery Power Station and how do they both compare.

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VTOMAN Jump 1000 Uboxinng Compared

The video review compares the VTOMAN Jump 1000 and the Jackery Explorer 1000, two portable power stations. The reviewer, who has done a variety of power station reviews, looks for standout features or things that are different from the ones he has reviewed before. The VTOMAN Jump 1000 caught his attention because of its unique features. In the review, he unboxes the product and shows its contents, which include a carrying bag, jumper cables, a 12-volt adapter, an AC charge brick, a power cable, a user manual, and some friendly user tips.

VTOMAN JUMP 1000 Cost and Price

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 LIFEPO4 Power Station currently costs $999.99 but you can get it on Amazon right here for a discount. Sometimes they have it for $100-250 off retail price.

VTOMAN 1000 Specs and Features

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 has six USB ports, including a quick-charge port, which is a significant advantage over the Jackery Explorer 1000. The Jump 1000 has a continuous operating capacity of 1000 watts and a peak capacity of 2000 watts, with a 1400-watt-hour capacity, which is almost 50 percent higher than the Jackery Explorer 1000.

Testing the Jump 1000 vs the Jackery 1000

After testing the Jump 1000 for three to four weeks, the reviewer finds it better than the Jackery Explorer 1000. One of the reasons he prefers the Jump 1000 is because of its battery chemistry, which is a lithium iron phosphate battery (LIFo4) that can maintain at least 80% of its original capacity after about 3000 cycles. In contrast, the Jackery Explorer 1000 uses a lithium cobalt chemistry, which is rated for around 200 cycles where you can expect to keep about 80% of your original capacity. This gives the Jump 1000 a significant advantage over the Jackery Explorer 1000.

Battery Capacity

Another advantage of the Jump 1000 is its battery capacity. It has a full 40 percent more battery capacity than the Jackery Explorer 1000. However, not all of the capacity is always accessible, especially if power is drawn through the AC outlets, which can result in some efficiency loss based on the efficiency of the inverter. The reviewer tests the minimum usable capacity of both units by using a heat gun that outputs a little over a thousand watts, and running both units down. He uses a watt meter to determine how much power they use and finds that the Jump 1000 gave him 1189 usable watt-hours, which is 84.4% efficiency.

Solar Input

The specifications of the Jump 1000, which has a maximum DC input of 200 watts solar, with two DC input connectors on the left side. In contrast, the Jackery 1000 has a max DC input of 163 watts with two connectors, an Anderson and an 8mm, but can only use one at a time. The host then proceeds to test the solar panel input performance on the two power stations, using a 200-watt rigid panel from Bouge RV and an All Powers polycrystalline 200-watt panel. With both panels plugged into the Jump 1000, the host is able to achieve 162 watts input, whereas the Jackery 1000 only maxes out at around 115 watts.

The host then tries to increase the Jackery’s input performance by using a parallel adapter and connecting both panels into the Jackery, but he only manages to achieve 106 watts, well below the maximum input of 163 watts. Based on this test, the host concludes that the Jump 1000 has a significant advantage over the Jackery 1000 in terms of DC input.

Next, the host discusses some of the unique features of the Jump 1000, such as the ability to jump-start a vehicle in an emergency, and the option to purchase an expansion module that provides an additional 1500 watt-hours of capacity, giving a total of 3000 watt-hours.

You can buy the VTOMAN Jump 1000 LIFEPO4 Power Station from Amazon right here

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