What is Space?


Learn about some of my key take away points from the Video, “What Is Space?” By Brian Greene on The Fabric of the Cosmos, and see what kind of deep questions I still have after watching the video. 

In Brian Greene’s What is Space, Brian breaks down exactly that, What Space really is. Now of course he couldn’t fit everything about the universe and space into a one hour segment, but overall I feel that NOVA did a great job at presenting the information at hand. We learned about how Isaac Newton viewed space and what Albert Einstein did to contribute a significant theory in regards to Space. In his Theory of Relativity, Einstein proposed that “Space” wasn’t just a “fixed thing.” He says that Space bends and moves according to the mass and matter that is being placed on that Space.

Einstein says that when a huge mass, such as the Earth, is placed on top of the Fabric of Space, then that indentation is what causes other objects, such as the moon, to be pulled into orbit of that larger object. This is essentially what causes Gravity. 

My main question is, Well why doesn’t the smaller object just roll right into the larger object? If the answer is Dark Energy, then why doesn’t dark energy just pull away all of the mass objects out of orbit?

I came up with many more questions but instead of writing them here, I want you to open up and let me know what your biggest takeaway or question about this movie are after you are done watching it.

Here is the Video Excerpt of “What Is Space?” By Brian Greene on The Fabric of the Cosmos:

Watch The Fabric of the Cosmos: What Is Space? on PBS. See more from NOVA.

Once again, Let me know down below what your questions are about this video and what your biggest takeaways are!

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