Month: April 2016

Medical Terminology – PTOSIS

Pre Med and Nursing Students, Learn how to Memorize Medical Terminology Dictionary List Suffix Word: “-PTOSIS“ < Dynamo      |      MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY COURSE      |      Palpebral >   Ptosis Means: Downward Displacement The key idea with being able to memorize vocabulary words is the create pictures for those words. The Pictures for this…
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Japanese Numbers | Counting 1-10

Learn How to Memorize and Count Japanese Numbers 1-10.   Podcast Audio Version:   As I prepare for the Tokyo Japan Memory Championship, I wanted to memorize some words and learn how to count in Japanese using the memory techniques. The basics of the AE Mind Memory System when it comes to memorizing words or…
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2015 World Travels and Memory Championships | Luis Angel Superhuman Adventures

Check out a Recap Video of my 2015 World Travels and all of the International Memory Championships that I participated in. Places that I Visited and did Memory Competitions at in 2015: – Toledo Spain – Toronto Canada – Hong Kong – Taiwan – Melbourne Australia – Chengdu China