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What Happens in the Brain During Addiction – Joe Rogan w/ Anna Lembke

Joe Rogan interviewed Anna Lembke and they talked about what happens in the brain during addiction and it was a great JRE 1708 Spotify Podcast Episode Anna Lembke, MD It’s something that people used to call the addictive personality. We don’t really call it that anymore. We just use the idea of the disease model. […]

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Food for Alzheimer’s Dementia Prevention Diet by Dr. David Perlmutter

As we talked about in the interview with Dr. David Perlmutter, here is the Food for Alzheimer’s Dementia Prevention Diet that he suggested. lIn this Memory Experts Interview, we talk with The Empowering Neurologist and the Author of the #1 NY Times Best Selling book, Grain Brain and his new book The Grain Brain Whole […]