Remember Names

Being a master at remembering the names of the people that you meet, takes a lot of practice. Here are some Name Games that you can practice with right now. Scroll down to see the Quizlet sheets for you to see all of the names that I have turned into images

Names Game 1

Kate = Gate
Penny = penny (coin)
Chet = Jet

Name Game 2

Melissa = Molasses
Vince = Fence
Samantha = Saw a Man

Names Game 3

Amber = Ember Flame
Robert = Robot
Martha =  Vineyard Grapes

Names Game 4

Abel = A Pill
Howard = Hard Wire
Sally = Salad

Names Game 5

Clifford = Clifford the Big Red Dog
Olivia = Olives
Ivan = Eye + Van

Names Game 6

Zoe = Sewing Machine
Mitch = Mitt Cheese
Omar = Meditating Pirate
Carol = Christmas Carol
Pete = Peeps