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Japanese Numbers | Counting 1-10

Learn How to Memorize and Count Japanese Numbers 1-10. Subscribe on: Apple Podcast | Spotify and Leave a Review   As I prepare for the Tokyo Japan Memory Championship, I wanted to memorize some words and learn how to count in Japanese using the memory techniques. The basics of the AE Mind Memory System when…
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How to Memorize Numbers • 20-29 Double Digits

Memorize the Images for Numbers 20-29

Remember Names Game 1

This is Luis Angel, Memory Master Champion, and here are your first 3 People’s Names & Faces, Kate, Penny, and Chet. Now, let me help you with being able to remember those names if you ever meet someone that has that name! Name Game 1 is brought to you by My #1 International Best Selling, HOW TO…
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Memorize Vocabulary Words #1

Learn how to memorize Benevolent, Tawdry, Languid, Gregarious, Pulchritude / Memorize Vocabulary Words #1 Smarter Brain Better Memory Podcast

How to Memorize Numbers with the Major System

Learn how the major system helps you to memorize numbers by turning numbers 00-99 into mnemonic peg words and picture associations. Subscribe on: Apple Podcast | Spotify and Leave a Review The major system helps us to be able to take any 2-3 digit number and create an image association out of it to help…
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Nelson Dellis 4x USA Memory Champ – Science

I talked with my good friend, Team USA teammate, and 4x USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis, about everything from Alzheimer’s and Memory Improvement to Artificial Intelligence and the Universe, in today’s AE Mind Interview. Be sure to take the Free Extreme Memory Challenge to help with the research project that Nelson is partnering up with…
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How to Memorize Numbers Pt. 12 | Numbers 00-09

<<Numbers 90-99 Memory Training > How to Memorize Numbers > Part 12 | Numbers 00-09 This is the Next part of turning Numbers into Pictures. We will turn the numbers 00-09 into different pictures here. After watching the video, scroll down to test yourself with the image flash cards that I created for you. Have…
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How to Create a Memory Palace at Universal City Walk

  I get a ton of questions from people asking me how to create memory palaces or memory locations in order to practice memorizing information on a route. I walk you through how I created a brand new memory palace at Universal City Walk in Hollywood California. Let me know what route you want me…
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Medical Students, Cathy and Alex Mullen, Use Memory Techniques in Med School

In today’s AE Mind Academy episode, Luis Angel talks with a 2x World Memory Champion and Medical Students, Alex Mullen and Cathy Mullen! We talked about how they take the memory techniques and apply them to learning their material in Medical School. Podcast Audio Version   Apple Podcast | Anchor Podcast Learn More about Cathy and Alex Mullen at: MullenMemory.com…
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Katie – Names and Faces World Record Holder | Memory Experts

In this Memory Experts Interview, we talk with Names and Faces Record holder, Katie Kermode from England. Memory Experts Interview Takeaways Katie is a top memory athlete and the current record holder of the Names and Faces events in memory competitions. She is also a memory champion.