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Medical Students, Cathy and Alex Mullen, Use Memory Techniques in Med School

In today’s AE Mind Academy episode, Luis Angel talks with a 2x World Memory Champion and Medical Students, Alex Mullen and Cathy Mullen! We talked about how they take the memory techniques and apply them to learning their material in Medical School. Podcast Audio Version   Apple Podcast | Anchor Podcast Learn More about Cathy and Alex Mullen at: MullenMemory.com…
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Katie – Names and Faces World Record Holder | Memory Experts

In this Memory Experts Interview, we talk with Names and Faces Record holder, Katie Kermode from England. Memory Experts Interview Takeaways Katie is a top memory athlete and the current record holder of the Names and Faces events in memory competitions. She is also a memory champion.   

USA Memory Championship 2013 Recap | Luis Angel Memory Coach

So I just got back from New York where I competed alongside 50 other mental athletes in the 2013 USA Memory Championship. Overall it was a great event. We witnessed an upset with Ram Kolli beating Returning USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis.   As for myself, I didn’t end up making it to the top…
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Speed Stacks Timer to Memorize Cards | Memory Training Tools

How’s it going? This is Luis Angel, your memory coach with AE Mind! I want to give you a few tools that you can use to help you out when you are doing your memory training. These are some of the tools that the Top Mental Athletes from around the world use in both their…
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Students Memorize 80 Digit Number | Memory Training Coach Luis Angel

What’s up guys Luis Angel here!! As you guys may know I can memorize a lot of digits, but can someone else such as one of my students do it? As you will see in this video, they can!   Hi. My name is Luis Angel. I am a memory coach with AE Mind. My…
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Jonas von Essen – World Memory Champion | Memory Training Experts

After training for only a year and a half, Jonas was able to claim the title at the 2013 World Memory Championship. He is based out of Sweden and had a tremendous year of competition in 2013.   Here are some of his personal best accomplishments: 2013 World Memory Champion in London Best Scores Discipline:…
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How to Remember Names and Faces Using Memorize Anything Technique

This is Luis Angel, Your AE Mind Memory Coach! How many times does this happen to you? You meet someone new at a party, networking event, classroom, or at the grocery store and two seconds after you shake hands and introduce each other, you forget that person’s name? This used to happen to me all…
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AE Mind Memory Competition coming in 2015

We are starting up a new memory competition that revolves around scholastic based events. We will events such as memorizing english vocabulary words, math formulas, science terms, historic dates, and much more. I would like to know from you, what events would you like for me to include in this new memory competition? If you…
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Memory Training| Body Locations

m Memory Training > Locations > Body Locations I am making this video to show those of you that want to truly improve their memory, focus, and accelerate the rate at which you learn, how to create Body Locations. These Locations lay down the foundation for being able to memorize numbers. After watching the video,…
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Memory Palace to Memorize Anything Quickly

Memory Training > Locations > House Locations Take a look at this video where I teach you how to create your first memory palace from your House. This will help you to store information along a sequential path in your mind palace for easier memorization and recall. This is one of the key components of being…
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