Luis Angel’s Top Achievements

– 1st Memory Master Champion on FOX’s SUPERHUMAN
– Member of Team USA at the World Memory Championship
– 2nd Overall: Australian Memory Championship 2015
(2 Gold, 2 Silver, 3 Bronze Positions in 10 Events)
– Memorized Deck of Cards: 2 Minutes; 120 Digit Number: 5 Minutes
– Coach of AE Mind Memory Team: Gold in Numbers USA Memory Championship
– Author: #1 International Bestsellers, Better Memory Now, How to Remember Names and Faces, Vocabulary Words Brilliance, and Medical Terminology Mastery


I Don’t Know How I Graduated!

A few short years ago, I was struggling in school. I was barely getting by. Actually I wasn’t getting by at all. I was failing and withdrawing from most of my classes in college. I simply carried my same lazy behavior that I had in high school. If it wasn’t for one of my 12th grade teachers giving me a D in my English class, I wouldn’t have graduated high school. Thankfully I did graduate but I wasn’t doing well at all in college.

I attributed a lot of my school problems (as well as personal and work life issues) to having a bad memory and an inability to focus properly on the task at hand. I wanted a fix to this “memory problem” and wanted it done quickly so that I could help out not only myself but also others that had similar difficulties with their own memory and learning abilities.

The Memory Solution!

When I was looking for a natural solution to my memory problems, I remembered that my friends had gone to a conference which featured a memory guy. I immediately looked him up and bought his memory program. I was like, “This is it!!” The solution to the problem that I had for so many years was finally here. I know that he says to go through it for an entire month, but I just couldn’t help myself. I finished the entire program in a few days while I was at work. After going through the Memory Training techniques, I started to apply them at work and at school. I started seeing much better grades in school. Actually, when I went back to college, I began receiving straights A’s. This was definitely my gateway into overall mind empowerment.

I have since gone on to study all sorts of different things to help me improve my memory and focus. I have learned meditation and other ways to tap into my subconscious mind to help me focus better and accelerate the rate at which I obtain and retain knowledge. I use many of those techniques when I want to learn something quickly and when I just want to do better in my personal life. Now I want to broaden my reach with these skills.

Memory Master!

Since learning how to memorize things quickly, I have been on a progressive path to becoming a true Memory Master. I have gone to competitions such as the USA Memory Championship, International Memory Competitions, and the World Memory Championship.

These championships include grueling memory events that push an individual’s mental power to the limits. In a memory competition, a memory athlete must sit down for several hours and memorize things such as playing cards, hundreds and thousands of random numbers, random names and faces, random words and many more things. I have set USA Records and placed really high in these memory events. This gave me the motivation to further test my memory in the toughest challenge that I have ever faced in front of a live audience and to finally become a Memory Master!

1st Superhuman Memory Master Champion

On January 4th, 2016, I officially became the 1st Ever SUPERHUMAN on FOX Champion! I competed against 11 other amazing individuals with extraordinary talents (one of them being my mentor, Ron White). The skills ranged from math and memory to sight and contortion. All of thousands of hours of training and competing led to me performing a memory demonstration in front of hundreds of people and later millions watching from around the world on Prime Time TV!

I had to memorize the names, hometowns, and physical characteristics of over 100 people. That equated to over 500 pieces of information that I was tested on the same day, and I ended up winning the competition!

I was overwhelmed with joy, happiness, fulfillment, gratitude, love, appreciation, and hope! Why Hope? Because I didn’t just go on this journey to improve my memory, I did it so that I could inspire others to achieve their own greatness! At that moment when I lifted the SUPERHUMAN Trophy, I realized that I had given hope to people from all around the world to go from having their own struggles to finding their own successes in life!

Top Memory Coach!

As someone who worked tirelessly to become a Memory Master himself, I want to share the knowledge that I have obtained with others. That is why I have created AE Mind. I love learning about ways to improve one’s mental powers and how to program our minds for success. Moreover, I love seeing others become more interested into these same topics that I am mastering.

I took a team to the USA Memory Championship in New York and we did fairly well for a team that had never competed in a memory competition before. I gathered a few students from a high school in the Los Angeles area and I trained them for a few months. With the little bit of training that we had, we went up against schools that have been competing at this memory competitions for several years. the AE Mind Memory Team ended up getting the Gold Medal in the Numbers Event and got 3rd place overall!

Not only did my students do well in the USA Memory Championship, they also did very well academically. All of my seniors ended up going to top universities and colleges in California. I loved seeing the transformation that they went through over the course of a few months thanks to the training and memory coaching that I was able to provide them with.

I have also began teaching adults in different professions from real estate agents to teachers. I love seeing that in less than an hour, these individuals see a dramatic improvement in their memory!

Contact Luis Angel

If you would like to contact me about anything, especially about hiring me to speak at your high school, college, or professional organization so that your students, employees, or agents could learn about Improving their Memory and Ability to Focus to Achieve Greater Success in School or Work, then feel free to contact me here. Just fill out the form and I will reach out to you shortly.

Thanks for reading my story. I look forward to helping you Achieve Your Greatness!