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Memorize Vocabulary Words #1 // Smarter Brain, Better Memory

Learn how to memorize Benevolent, Tawdry, Languid, Gregarious, Pulchritude / Memorize Vocabulary Words #1 Smarter Brain Better Memory Podcast

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Nelson Dellis 4x USA Memory Champ – AI, Alzheimer’s, Memory, Science

I talked with my good friend, Team USA teammate, and 4x USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis, about everything from Alzheimer’s and Memory Improvement to Artificial Intelligence and the Universe, in[…]

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Attack Your Fears – Will Smith

Will Smith has accomplished a lot of Great Things in his life! I love this quote from his After Earth Fear Speech: “Danger is Real but Fear Is A Choice.”[…]

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Medical Terminology – CYTE

Pre Med and Nursing Students, Learn how to Memorize Medical Terminology Dictionary List Suffix: “-CYTE“ < Palpebral      |      MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY COURSE      |      Nephro >[…]

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Remember Names

Luis Angel Rids His ADD

Vocabulary Words

Memorize Anatomy

How to Focus

Memorize Numbers

Group Coaching

Work together with other students and Luis Angel on applying the memory techniques to learn faster and stay focused 

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Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel will work with you personally to help you achieve your memory improvement goals

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Get the edge on your ability to learn quickly with the Memorization System used by the top memory athletes and students

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Group Memory Sessions

We are pleased to be able to provide different topics for our Group Sessions. If you would like to suggest more topics, feel free to recommend them in the member’s section when you login. Access your first memory improvement session as soon as tomorrow!


Lay down the foundation properly with the essential memory training techniques.


I’m not really sure how old I was when I got the gift for Christmas, but I remember thinking it was a pretty impressive piece of electronic hardware.


Professionals will be able to improve their ability to memorize names, read faster, and focus


Memory Training Sessions for those that want to compete in a memory championship.

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Who is Luis Angel?

Memory Master

Before becoming the 1st Memory Master Champion on FOX’s Superhuman Show, Luis Angel was struggling in school because of his bad ability to Focus and Remember.

After taking a memory course he went from getting put on Academic Probation to getting Straight A’s in college and now teaches others how to achieve success in their lives.

* 1st Memory Master Champion | SUPERHUMAN
* Founder and Memory Coach at AE Mind
* Competed in the USA Memory Championship, Australian Memory Championship, Taiwan Memory Championship, Spain Memory Championship, and more
* Perfectly Memorized a 120 digit number in 5 mins
* Perfectly Memorized a Deck of Cards in 2 min
* Was the Youngest American to Compete in the World Memory Championship
* Coached the AE Mind Memory Team to a 1st Place Medal in the Numbers event at the USA Memory Championship
* Started AE Mind Memory Clubs in LA High Schools and in Universities such as UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.
* Speaker for Schools, Organizations, and Companies to help students & professionals have a “Better Memory Now”
* Author of the AE Mind: Better Memory Now Series