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Best Time to Pay Credit Card Bill to Build Good Credit Score

Learn when is the best time to pay off your credit card bill to build a good credit score in the day and month in 2022 Video Credit: Mark Reese’s Youtube Channel If your goal is establishing or improving your credit and want a simple, direct answer to the question of when you should pay…
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My Painful Kilimanjaro Hiking Experience LUiS Angel

How My Painful Kilimanjaro Experience Strengthened My Mind

On January 11, 2020, I began a journey with 19 others to summit Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. I had trained my butt off all year for this. I didn’t anticipate that a stomach bug on summit night could have ended my entire journey before reaching the top of the mountain. Listen to how I overcame…
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Logan Paul, Mr Beast Youtube NFT impaulsive Podcast Episode

Logan Paul, Mr Beast | Impaulsive Podcast Episode

I loved how Logan Paul and Mr. Beast, Jimmy Donaldson, with Mike Majlak talked about a wide range of topics from their love of gambling to how Youtube videos are planned out and executed from a business side perspective. Listen to the full Impaulsive Episode #291 on Spotify here. Logan Paul and Mr Beast Interview…
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Joe Rogan Amanda Knox JRE Episode 1709 Quotes

Amanda Knox, Joe Rogan | Wrongful Conviction Podcast Episode

This was an interesting episode of the JRE Podcast #1709 on Spotify with Amanda Knox and Joe Rogan about her murder trial and wrongful conviction. Buy Amanda Knox’s Waiting to Be Heard Book on Amazon *Luis Angel and AE Mind will receive an affiliate commission from the sale of any products purchased from the links…
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What Happens in the Brain During Addiction Joe Rogan w Anna Lembke

What Happens in the Brain During Addiction – Joe Rogan w/ Anna Lembke

Joe Rogan interviewed Anna Lembke and they talked about what happens in the brain during addiction and it was a great JRE 1708 Spotify Podcast Episode Anna Lembke, MD It’s something that people used to call the addictive personality. We don’t really call it that anymore. We just use the idea of the disease model.…
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HS Medical Abbreviation in Medical Terms [Pharmacology Prescription]

Learn how to memorize the HS Medical Abbreviation in Medical Terms meaning and definition in today’s Medical Terminology Course episode for Pre-Med and Nursing Students wanting to learn their pharmacology material. The key idea with being able to memorize pharmacology prescription med terms and medical abbreviations is the create mnemonic stories for those words. Just take both…
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Adult Coloring Pages – Panda Designs [Free Printable Sheets]

Adult Coloring Pages – Happy Panda Designs Download the Adult Coloring Book – Panda Designs PDF Who is Luis Angel and AE Mind How Adult Coloring Pages Books Help You 4 Major Benefits of Coloring Getting Started with Adult Coloring Pages Books Things to Consider

Music for ADHD Concentration, Memorization, and Studying to Relax & Focus With ADD

Study Music for ADHD Concentration The reason why this study music is great to help you concentrate while studying is because it allows your mind to go into a relaxed state of mind very quickly. You will notice your brain and body feel completely calm after just a few minutes of listening to this Focus…
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What Does Serotonin Do in the Brain Medical Terminology Neurotransmitter

What Does Serotonin Do In the Brain and How Does Serotonin Improve Memory?

What Does Serotonin Do In the Brain? How to Memorize Serotonin’s Definition and Meaning with a Mnemonic The Serotonin Definition and Medical Term Meaning How is Serotonin Made Can the body make its own Tryptophan? What helps Tryptophan cross the Blood-Brain Barrier? How does Serotonin help with memory improvement? Serotonin and Learning Should I just…
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Remember Names Game 6

This is Luis Angel, Memory Master Champion, and here are the next 5 Names & Faces to help you with being able to remember the name of any person! Remembering Names Game 6 is brought to you by My #1 International Best Selling, HOW TO REMEMBER NAMES & FACES Book! < Name Game 5  |   How to Remember Names   | …
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