Alex Mullen – World Memory Champ | Memory Experts with Luis Angel

In today’s Memory Experts episode, Luis Angel talks with The New World Memory Champion, Alex Mullen! He will teach you how to improve your own memory and how he went from wanting to learn the memory techniques to help him in college, to breaking World Memory Records!



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Alex Mullen World Memory Champion

Alex’s Top Achievements – 2015 World Memory Championship 


1st American – World Memory Champion

WORLD RECORD – Hour Numbers: 3029 Digits

Hour Cards: 28+ Decks

Speed Cards: 52 Cards in 21.5 Seconds

Speed Numbers: 400 Digits/5 Minutes

Binary Numbers: 3885 Digits/Half Hour


TEAM USA Member – 2nd Place WMC Team Event

Spoken Numbers: 212 Digits at 1 Digit/Second

Words: 245 Words/15 Minutes

Names and Faces: 101 Names/15 Minutes

Historic Dates: 106 Dates/5 Minutes

Abstract Images: 505 Images/15 Minutes



Key Takeaways from the Memory Experts Interview with Alex Mullen

Alex’s Original Memory Training Inspiration came from this TED Talk Video by Joshua Foer, who is a USA Memory Champion


Book and Memory Training Recommendations:

– Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

– Quantum Memory Power by Dominic O’Brien

– Ron White’s Memory Program







Alex’s Goals

His goal’s are to continue to compete in memory competitions and to teach others the memory improvement techniques that he learned. His focus will be on helping students improve their memory in school and in life. 

Alex’s Top Quote
“Just Do It!”

Learn More about Alex Mullen at: