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In today’s Memory Experts episode, Luis Angel talks with Names and Faces World Record Holder, Yanjaa (Sweden)!


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Yanjaa’s Top Achievements
(Source: World-Memory-Statistics.com)


#3 Sweden Ranking

#11 World Ranking

WORLD RECORD – Names and Faces: 187/15Min

10 Minute Cards: 5+ Decks

Speed Cards: 52 Cards in 35.04 Seconds

Speed Numbers: 324 Digits/5 Minutes


Spoken Numbers: 212 Digits at 1 Digit/Second

Words: 256 Words/15 Minutes

Hour Numbers: 1640 Names/15 Minutes

Historic Dates: 62 Dates/5 Minutes

Abstract Images: 422 Images/15 Minutes

Binary Numbers: 3060 Digits/Half Hour



Free Memory Improvement Remember Names Guides

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