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How to Memorize Numbers | Memory Training Students Technique

Luis Angel, your memory coach and founder of AE Mind, teaches you how to take the memorization technique that all of the top memory and mental athletes use in order to memorize a long number.   Three Steps: 1. Location 2. Visualize 3. Review Choose some mental locations. Then turn every number into a picture…
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Dr. David Perlmutter on The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan

In this Memory Experts Interview, we talk with The Empowering Neurologist and the Author of the #1 NY Times Best Selling book, Grain Brain and his new book The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan, Dr. David Perlmutter! Get the Book on AmazonPodcast Audio Version:   Memory Experts Interview Takeaways – Dr. David Perlmutter graduated from…
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Accelerated Learning Tip from Jet Fly Boarding

I was recently at Catalina Island trying out this Fly boarding thing. It was a challenge for me to learn how to use this at first. I kept falling and have several bruises to prove it. The one thing that I kept doing, was that I kept getting back up to try again.   The…
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Pi World Record Attempt for Alzheimer’s Day by Top USA Memory Athletes, Nelson Dellis and Brad Zupp

Nelson Dellis, 4x USA Memory Champion & Brad Zupp, USA Record Breaking Memory Athlete, attempt to break a Pi World Record for Alzheimer’s Day! You too can support memory research by taking the challenge today at: In order to raise Awareness for Alzheimer’s, Nelson and Brad attempted to break a World Record by memorizing…
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How to Memorize Names with Yanjaa | World Record Holder

Yanjaa Teaches you How to Memorize Names and Faces! She is the current World Record Holder by memorizing 187 Names and Faces in 15 Minutes.

Alex Mullen – World Memory Champ | Memory Experts with Luis Angel

In today’s Memory Experts episode, Luis Angel talks with The New World Memory Champion, Alex Mullen! He will teach you how to improve your own memory and how he went from wanting to learn the memory techniques to help him in college, to breaking World Memory Records!   Podcast Audio Version:   Learn More about…
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Memory Training Tips from TEAM USA at the WORLD Memory Championship! Nelson, Brad, Luis

Here is an interview that I did with the Current USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis (, and Top Mental Athlete, Brad Zupp (, at the 2012 World Memory Championship in London, England. Nelson and Brad talked about how they do their Memory Training to prepare themselves for these Memory Competitions and Championships.     Stay…
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How to Find My Lost Parked Car in Lot | Memory Training Tip to Remember

What’s GOOD? I wanted to make this video to show you how easy it is to be able to Instantly Find out where you Parked Your Car at, so that you don’t need that Find My Car App anymore! The Main Elements are to Focus and Visualize!     First Focus on where you actually…
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How to Focus and Pay Attention | Memory & Learning | School Class Studying Subconscious Mind

What’s GOOD? So today I wanted to talk about how you can start right now to increase your ability to focus, improve your memory, and learn more information much more rapidly.   Remember that we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the most powerful tool that we have. It…
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How to Retain Information from a Teacher | Focus, Pay Attention, Memory | Students in School Class

In this video, you will learn how you can retain more knowledge and information from watching a speaker or teacher who is up on stage or in a class room teaching you some valuable information.      The key here is to stay relaxed and let your mind visualize or picture what the professor or…
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