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Memorize Vocabulary Word, PULCHRITUDE

What Does the Word PULCHRITUDE Mean? Easily Memorize PULCHRITUDE’s Meaning and Definition in today’s Memorize Vocab Words Video by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel Pulchritude (noun) meaning and definition: immense physical beauty In the video below, I will give you the mnemonic associations that will help you learn and memorize this word quickly in order…
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How to Memorize a Speech and Poem with Ease

Today you will learn How to Memorize a Speech and poem very quickly. AE Mind Memory System and Techniques to Teach you How to Memorize a Speech: Step 1: Locations – Create a mental map of locations to store the visual cues that will help you recall the speech or poem that you memorized. Step…
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Memorize Coronavirus COVID 19 Symptoms

The COVID 19 disease which is caused by the Coronavirus is becoming a global pandemic. Some people still don’t know what to look for when it comes to identifying the symptoms of someone who has been infected by the Corona Virus. In today’s Smarter Brain, Better Memory episode, I show you how to memorize the symptoms using the AE Mind Memory System.

How to Remember the 8 Planets in Order

Today you will learn how to remember the planets in order and memorize the solar system mnemonics easily! How’s it going? This is Luis Angel, your memory coach with AE Mind! We all know that there are 8 Planets (The ex 9th planet, Pluto, was demoted and is now considered a Dwarf Planet thanks to…
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How to Memorize Numbers • 20-29 Double Digits

Memorize the Images for Numbers 20-29

How to Memorize Numbers with the Major System

Learn how the major system helps you to memorize numbers by turning numbers 00-99 into mnemonic peg words and picture associations. Subscribe on: Apple Podcast | Spotify and Leave a Review The major system helps us to be able to take any 2-3 digit number and create an image association out of it to help…
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How to Memorize Numbers Pt. 12 | Numbers 00-09

<<Numbers 90-99 Memory Training > How to Memorize Numbers > Part 12 | Numbers 00-09 This is the Next part of turning Numbers into Pictures. We will turn the numbers 00-09 into different pictures here. After watching the video, scroll down to test yourself with the image flash cards that I created for you. Have…
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Memory Dudes in the Memory Mobile

In this week’s episode of Superhuman Adventures, The Memory Dudes, Luis Angel and Ron, are in the Memory Mobile fighting crime in Dallas, Texas. Subscribe to Luis Angel’s YouTube Channel to Watch more Superhuman Adventures!  

Memory Training Tips from TEAM USA at the WORLD Memory Championship! Nelson, Brad, Luis

Here is an interview that I did with the Current USA Memory Champion, Nelson Dellis (http://www.ClimbforMemory.org), and Top Mental Athlete, Brad Zupp (http://www.featsofmemory.com), at the 2012 World Memory Championship in London, England. Nelson and Brad talked about how they do their Memory Training to prepare themselves for these Memory Competitions and Championships.     Stay…
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How to Find My Lost Parked Car in Lot | Memory Training Tip to Remember

What’s GOOD? I wanted to make this video to show you how easy it is to be able to Instantly Find out where you Parked Your Car at, so that you don’t need that Find My Car App anymore! The Main Elements are to Focus and Visualize!     First Focus on where you actually…
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