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How to memorize numbers 90-99
How to memorize numbers 60-69
How to Memorize Numbers 50-59
how to memorize numbers 40-49

How to Memorize Numbers • 30-39 Double Digits


How to Memorize Numbers • 20-29 Double Digits

Memorize the Images for Numbers 20-29

How to Memorize Numbers • 0-9 Single Digits

Major System How to Memorize Numbers Series The images for every single digit number are: 0 = House 1 = Hat 2 = Honey 3 = Ham 4 = Hour glass 5 = Hail 6 = Hash 7 = Hook 8 = Hoof 9 = Hoop (hula) We got that from the Major System where…
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How to Memorize Numbers • 10-19 Double Digits

I will show you in this video how to take the Consonant Sounds that we have already created using the Major System and use them to create pictures for numbers 10-19 so that we can memorize those numbers with ease along the Memory Map of our House Locations that we created. After watching the video, scroll down…
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How to Memorize Numbers with the Major System

[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn7uiAjgZJc[/embedyt] We use our body to help us keep track of the consonant sounds that the major system gives each number. So what you want to do is choose 9 spots on your body and 1 from your environment. Here they are (Make sure to visualize these parts with their given number and name. It…
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