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Memorize Vocabulary Words #3

Learn how to remember vocabulary and memorize English SAT mnemonic words: Advocate, Conciliate, Eclectic, Exonerated, and Inane’s Meaning in today’s Memorize Vocab Series

Memorize Vocabulary Words #2

Learn how to memorize Tumult, Perusal, Redolent, Guffaw, Abasement / Memorize Vocabulary Words #2 Smarter Brain Better Memory Podcast

Memorize Vocabulary Words #1

Learn how to memorize Benevolent, Tawdry, Languid, Gregarious, Pulchritude / Memorize Vocabulary Words #1 Smarter Brain Better Memory Podcast

How to Memorize Numbers with the Major System

[embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn7uiAjgZJc[/embedyt] We use our body to help us keep track of the consonant sounds that the major system gives each number. So what you want to do is choose 9 spots on your body and 1 from your environment. Here they are (Make sure to visualize these parts with their given number and name. It…
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Nelson Dellis 4x USA Memory Champ – Science

I talked with my good friend, Team USA teammate, and 4x USA Memory Champ, Nelson Dellis, about everything from Alzheimer’s and Memory Improvement to Artificial Intelligence and the Universe, in today’s AE Mind Interview. Be sure to take the Free Extreme Memory Challenge to help with the research project that Nelson is partnering up with…
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Speed Stacks Timer to Memorize Cards | Memory Training Tools

How’s it going? This is Luis Angel, your memory coach with AE Mind! I want to give you a few tools that you can use to help you out when you are doing your memory training. These are some of the tools that the Top Mental Athletes from around the world use in both their…
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Heather with Coldwell Banker on the Memory Improvement Presentation

Heather with Coldwell Banker Campbell Realty on the Memory Improvement Presentation http://www.BetterMemoryNow.com “My name is heather Campbell president and co-owner of Coldwell Banker Campbell Realtors, a real estate company in Huntington Beach California. We were so happy to have Luis here today. He met with me and my husband, we’re the brokerage owners. As well…
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AE Mind Memory Competition coming in 2015

We are starting up a new memory competition that revolves around scholastic based events. We will events such as memorizing english vocabulary words, math formulas, science terms, historic dates, and much more. I would like to know from you, what events would you like for me to include in this new memory competition? If you…
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Brain Power Boosting Purple Drank

I show you how to make this delicious Brain Power Boosting Purple Drink (or Drank as I call it) in order to improve your memory on cognitive performance abilities.  [embedyt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U0bGNk2_kk[/embedyt]   I love how this healthy smoothie drink tastes. If you want to start off your day great or want to feel energized and mentally…
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