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How to Memorize Vocabulary Words | Student Memory Training

This is Luis Angel with AE Mind. Hope you are doing Phenomenal! Let me get right into this!   Here are the 5 Vocab Words and their definitions: 1. Benevolent – Well meaning and kindly 2. Tawdry – Cheap and of Poor Quality 3. Languid – Without energy or spirit; lazy, slow, sluggish 4. Gregarious…
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Memorize SAT Vocabulary Words

If you are a student that needs help memorizing and learning vocabulary words such as SAT words, Biology Terms, English Vocab, and any other words that you will be getting quizzed on in school, then make sure to watch all of the videos down below! You can Watch the Vocab Full Playlist Here [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLGvBnSeAVugeKZw85SSg5cngFK5o_Rhb7&v=ZmHB8eAWP1I&layout=gallery[/embedyt]