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Memorize Vocabulary Word, BENEVOLENT

What Does the Word BENEVOLENT Mean? Easily Memorize BENEVOLENT’s Mnemonic, Meaning, and Definition in today’s Memorize Vocab Words Video by Memory Master Champion, Luis Angel What Does BENEVOLENT Mean? [Meaning & Definition] BENEVOLENT (adj) meaning and definition: Well-meaning and kindly BENEVOLENT Synonyms: Kind, good, kindhearted, compassionate, caring BENEVOLENT in a Sentence: The benevolent elderly lady […]

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How to Memorize Numbers | Memory Training Students Technique

Luis Angel, your memory coach and founder of AE Mind, teaches you how to take the memorization technique that all of the top memory and mental athletes use in order to memorize a long number.   Three Steps: 1. Location 2. Visualize 3. Review Choose some mental locations. Then turn every number into a picture […]

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How to Find My Lost Parked Car in Lot | Memory Training Tip to Remember

What’s GOOD? I wanted to make this video to show you how easy it is to be able to Instantly Find out where you Parked Your Car at, so that you don’t need that Find My Car App anymore! The Main Elements are to Focus and Visualize!     First Focus on where you actually […]