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How to Pay Attention in Class & School

How would you like an easy to apply technique to help you learn How to Pay Attention in Class & School, and help you improve your ability to focus? Focus Video Series Negative thoughts hurt your ability to focus I’m pretty sure you’ve been in those situations, maybe in a classroom or maybe in a…
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Naturally Cure ADD / ADHD | How I Learned to Focus

I wanted to share with you my story as to how I overcame my struggles with Attention Deficit Disorder, How I Stopped having Focus Issues, and Because of that I was able to become a Memory Master Champion! It began with a question, “Is there a Natural ADD / ADHD Cure & Treatment without Medication?” Here…
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How Questions Affect Your Brain and Reality

Let’s talk about What Happens in the Brain When You ask a Question and the powerful effect on our reality. Learn about the RAS Psychology Want To Know What Your Brain Does When It Hears A Question Fast Company Article Questions hijack the brain. The moment you hear one, you literally can’t think of anything…
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Can Running Improve Your Memory? BDNF in the Brain

In today’s video, I talk about how BDNF increases when you’re running and exercising in order to increase the part of your brain that is essential to memory, called your hippocampus. In turn, running can improve your memory. Luis Angel, your Memory Coach, here to bring you another Memory Improvement video. Dr. Majid Fotuhi, PH.D…
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Training for Mt Everest Climb, Australian Memory Championship, and Homo Deus

  As I train to compete in the Australian Memory Championship and to Climb Mt. Everest, I am hiking and running in order to improve my brain performance. I also talked about Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari, and how sugar isn’t good for your memory and brain’s optimal performance. Hike: Dana Point Dr. David…
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How to Stay Focused on Your Life Goals

In today’s motivation and success video, I talk about How you can Stay Focused in order to achieve Your Life Goals! < Don’t Settle   |   Focus Series   |   Next Video > Podcast Audio Version:   This year, Make sure that You set Your Goals and Focus Making them a reality by envisioning yourself accomplishing them and…
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Always Be Closing Best Selling Author, Omid Kazravan | Wealth Masters

Had the chance to interview #1 Best Selling Author of Always Be Closing, Omid Kazravan, on this edition of Wealth Masters!   Get the Book on Amazon Video Takeaways -Traveling and Speaking all over the world. -He’s speaking from 50-200 people at a time. -He’s 21. From Florida -We met at the Tony Robbins…
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Goals 2 Greatness with Juan Bendana

#1 Best Selling Author of Goals 2 Greatness, Juan Bendana, talks with Luis Angel – SuperHuman Champ, in today’s Success Squad Interview! < Firewalk   |   Motivation   |   Next Video > Podcast Audio Version:   Get the Goals 2 Greatness Book here: In this Success Squad Interview Juan and I talk about: -Board Breaking and Breaking Through Limiting…
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Don’t Limit Yourself, Achieve More Now

In today’s motivation and success video, I talk about Not Limiting Yourself and to Instead Achieve More Now! < Firewalk   |   Motivation   |   Next Video > Podcast Audio Version:   Push Yourself to Live at an Optimal Level! You Can Achieve Greatness if you Set High Standards for Yourself!

How a Firewalk Made Me a Superhuman Champion

Let me tell you how doing a Firewalk in 2011 changed my life and helped me become the 1st SUPERHUMAN on FOX Champion! PODCAST AUDIO: I’ve now done 9 Firewalks at the Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Event (UPW), and I can tell you that every one of those helped me become the 1st…
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