Amanda Knox, Joe Rogan | Wrongful Conviction Podcast Episode

Joe Rogan Amanda Knox JRE Episode 1709 Quotes

This was an interesting episode of the JRE Podcast #1709 on Spotify with Amanda Knox and Joe Rogan about her murder trial and wrongful conviction.

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Joe Rogan and Amanda Knox Interview Highlights and Quotes

Amanda Knox details how the Italian legal prosecution team was arguing their case as to why she was guilty of killing her friend Meredith. Amanda claims her innocence and says that the Italian legal defense was fabricating stories to make it seem as if she was guilty.

Amanda Knox was interrogated for over 53 hours in Italy after her friend was murdered. Amanda didn’t know at first that she was seen as a suspect in this case. She was 20 years old during this time. She said that the police and detectives were trying to implant “memories” into her mind while she was being questioned.

Amanda says that she didn’t actually know what was going on when the police broke down Meredith’s room door. They saw a foot there and she had no idea that it was her friend laying there dead.

She was freed in 2011 after spending 4 years in prison and was completely acquitted of the crime she didn’t commit in 2015 by the Italian Supreme Court.